RTM Info

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Why Right To Manage (RTM)?

Typically flats are managed by a freeholder (through a management company or agent), who then charges a monthly service fee for this function. This monthly fee often becomes a big drain on your finances, and a remote freeholder is not on-site to oversee works.

In contrast, all flats can be managed by a Right to Manage Company which only has the interests of the leaseholders as its concern, not a freeholder.

The RTM Company is responsible for all the "management functions" under your lease that were previously the domain of the freeholder. These include things like arranging insurance, cleaning, dealing with repairs, redecoration of the building and collecting service charges.

Our aim is to maximise the value of your investment by performing maintenance properly and cost-effectively. A professionally run management company, answerable only to the leaseholders that live there, is by far the best way to achieve this.